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Dialling Codes

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A reference of feature codes and service numbers

Dialling CodeFeatureDescription
*101Page ExtensionDial * then the extension number to Page and extension (*101, *102, etc.) – See Paging(link)
**101Call StealForce-transfer an in-progress or on-hold call from another phone.  See Call Steal(link)
*94Page All PhonesPage all phones on your PBX – see Paging(link)
*95XXXCall Spy ExtensionDial *95 then an extension number to Listen to an active call on an extension (for example *95103 for extension 103) – see Call Spy
*95Call Spy All PhonesListen to any active call on your PBX – see Call Spy
*97Voicemail PickupPick up Voicemail on the voicemail box assigned to your extension
50003Voicemail LoginLog in to any voicemail box on your PBX (for shared voicemail boxes)
*98XXXCall Pickup ExtensionDial *98 then an extension number to pick up a call ringing on that extension (for example *98102 to pick up a call ringing on 102) – See Call Pickup(link)
*98Call Pickup All PhonesPick up any ringing call on your PBX – See Call Pickup(link)
1831…Caller ID PrivateDial 1831 then the destination number to call from a private/unlisted number (eg. 18310298888888)
1832…Caller ID ShowDial 1832 then the destination number to call displaying your number (eg. 18310298888888) – used when your number is usually private
*88XXXX..Caller ID Toggle / SetSet the caller ID on your extension to the number specified.  This must be a Valid Caller ID(link) – see Caller ID Toggle(link)
*20XXXX..Record the call*20 Prefix records the call if some other policy (Do Not Record, or Don’t record Incoming or Outgoing calls) is active and Call Recordings is enabled
*21XXXX..Do not record the call*21 Prefix prevents the call from being automatically recorded if Record Inbound or Record Outbound policy is active and Call Recordings is enabled
*0Recording Pause/UnpauseDial *0 during a call to pause or unpause call recording as long as Call Recording is enabled. If a policy is preventing the call being automatically recorded, *0 will start the recording manually
**0Recording StopDial **0 during a call to immediately stop and delete the recording. A new recording can be started by dialling *0. Call Recording must be enabled before these codes will work.
50011Conference LineCall this number to access conference rooms. See Conferencing(link)
50012Echo TestDiagnostic Use – Echo’s everything you say back to you, very handy as a line / internet quality testing tool
*58XXXXQueue loginDial *58 then a queue ID to join a queue as an agent.
*59XXXXQueue logoutDial *59 then a queue ID to leave a queue as an agent. This will not work for agents statically added (via the My Account Portal)
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