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Call Spy

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The call spy feature allows you to listen in to an active call on another extension on your PBX and speak to the agent (your staff member), without the customer (external caller) being able to hear you.

This feature enables you to assist and coach staff while on active calls.  For example, a trainer, team leader or manager may use the call spy feature to listen in and provide assistance to a new team member for their first few calls, or in the event that a difficult or problematic call arises and a team member needs assistance.

Using Call Spy

Call spy can be activated by dialling the appropriate call spy Dialling Codes from your phone.

Please see the Dialling Codes KB article for more details.

Restricting Call Spy

Call spy can be disabled on a per-extension basis, both as the the spyer and the target. This is commonly used to only allow supervisors to spy on staff calls, or to ensure nobody can spy on a management extension, for example.

To update the restrictions for call spying an extension, login to Wiree Portal then select PBX extensions and click Edit for the target extension.

To allow this extension to spy on another extension’s calls, enable Can Call Spy

To set this extension so it can’t be spied on, enable Call Spy Privacy

For more information on the extension settings, please see Portal Guide – PBX Extensions and Sip Trunks

Legal Requirements

Note that call the call spy feature has certain legal requirements that must be adhered to in order to be used.

You should read and ensure you fully understand the relevant legislation before using this feature.

For more information please see Call Recording and Monitoring Legal Requirements

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