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Cloud Softphone Troubleshooting

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Cloud Softphone relies on your mobile’s operating system to connect to the network and handle phone calls. To ensure Cloud Softphone works correctly, it may be necessary to review the following settings.

Required Permissions

These access permissions are required for Cloud Softphone to function correctly

Storage (files)Camera (for QR Code)
Camera (for QR Code)

Phone Features that can disrupt Cloud Softphone

Some features of your mobile can impede Cloud Softphone’s ability to deliver calls, particularly in the background or when the phone’s screen is off.

To access your phone’s quick settings:

Android: Swipe down from the screen twice to show the quick settings options

iPhone: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or down from the top right

If you can’t find the options in your quick settings tiles:

Android: Tap the gear icon to enter settings, then use the magnifying glass to search your desired feature

iPhone: Tap the settings option on your home screen, then navigate to the locations listed below

Ensure the following settings are disabled:

Do Not Disturb


or Settings > Do Not Disturb

or Search ‘do not disturb’

Sleep Mode

Choose Settings > Screen Time > Bedtime ModeSearch ‘bedtime mode’

Battery Saver (low power) Mode


Or Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode

Or search ‘battery saver’

Data Saver

Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Low Data Mode
Settings > WiFi > (tap your WiFi network) > Low Data Mode

Or search ‘data saver’

Additional Settings for iPhones on iOS 15

Apple’s iOS 15 update enables a VPN service, iCloud Private Relay, which can prevent Cloud Softphone from handling calls correctly.

To switch off iCloud Private Relay:

Open Settings

Tap your name at the top and choose iCloud

Tap Private Relay

Tap the toggle to turn iCloud Private Relay off

Additional Settings for Samsung Devices

Samsung phones include additional specific features which can prevent Cloud Softphone working, or may cause a working app to suddenly stop.

The following settings are access by swiping down from the top of the screen and selecting the cog, then choosing Apps and Cloud Softphone

Choose Mobile Data and check that both Allow background data usage and Allow data usage while Data saver is on are enabled

Choose Battery then Optimise Battery Usage. At the top of the list, select All, locate Cloud Softphone and ensure it’s disabled

Choose Permissions then locate Remove permissions if app isn’t used and set to disabled

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