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What is IPND?

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IPND is a voice industry-wide database, containing all active phone numbers and their associated addresses. This database is primarily used by emergency services to assist with dispatch to your location in the event of an emergency.

Due to this, and as required by law, it is critical that your IPND addresses are accurate and up to date. If you have multiple addresses that will have MaxoTel VoIP services, ensure you have added each address.

Locating Your IPND Addresses

IPND addresses are managed on the Number Routing page of

Adding a New IPND Address

To add a new IPND address, click + button in the IPND Addresses section

Fill in your street address details (PO Boxes can not be accepted), then click Add Address.

Associating an IPND Address With a Number

To associate an IPND address with an existing number, locate the number and click Edit

From the IPND Address field, select the address this number will be used at.

Important Information

For important information regarding emergency (000) calls, please see Emergency Calls (000)

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