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Time Switch Setup

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Scheduled Overrides

Scheduled override conditions are added ahead of time, and are generally used for passing callers to a specific announcement during public holidays, etc.

NB: It’s important to note that, on a day with an override condition set, none of the time switch’s normal conditions are run.

To add a new scheduled override, click the + button in the Override Conditions section of the time switch configuration.

Provide a name for your override, then select the date range the override will apply on (note these dates are inclusive). From the dropdown, select where any callers should be sent during this override, then select your start time. If you’re only adding a single rule, you can leave this at 12AM.

In this example, all callers reaching the time switch between 12AM on the 10th April and 11.59PM on the 13th April will be routed to a message announcing the business is closed. For more information on sounds and announcements, please see Portal Guide – Sounds and Sound Events

The override conditions can also handle multiple rules. As an example, if you’re reducing your normal opening hours to between 9AM and 1PM for a period of 3 days due to a conference, you can add two rules to override your normal open and close times, as follows:

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