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What costs are involved in number porting (transferring a number to Sydney ICT Pty Ltd)?

There is a once-off porting fee to transfer each number ($25.00 per Category A/simple port) or group of numbers ($220.00 per Category C/complex port) or $55.00 for a 13/1300/1800 number. Please scroll down for rejection fees.

Once a number has been transferred to Sydney ICT Pty Ltd, there is no ongoing cost except if you have already used up the total number of DIDs included on your plan – then it would be charged at the excess rate of up to $4.00/month per number (dependent on your plan).

Which providers can Sydney ICT Pty Ltd port numbers from?

Sydney ICT Pty Ltd is able to port phone numbers from most Australian carriers and VoIP providers. We regularly port numbers from Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Vocus, Symbio Networks, and many more.

How long does the process take?

The time it takes to port a number varies, but the typical port time is 1 week for Category A and 2-3 weeks for Category C. Once the port has been approved a cutover date and time will be allocated and Sydney ICT Pty Ltd will advise you of this. In some cases, Sydney ICT Pty Ltd will advise that you can specify your own cutover date.

Where do I find my Account Number as requested on the Port Authority form?

For standard geographic phone numbers (i.e 07, 02, 03, 08) and toll-free and free call numbers (i.e 13/1300/1800), this is just the account number on your bill. You will need to provide a copy of your phone bill for verification purposes.

What will happen to the line my number is associated with?

Once the port in has been completed, the existing telephone service will cease to function. This will also mean that any services connected to the line such as Broadband Internet or monitored security systems will be disconnected. You should check with your service provider to ensure you will not incur early disconnection fees as a result.

If the port is rejected, am I still charged?

If your port is unsuccessful, it means that the details you have provided do not match the losing carrier’s records, or the carrier is providing you with “complex services” on your numbers which need to be removed first. There is a fee of $18.00 per number rejection for Cat A and Cat C. Please make sure your details are 100% correct before submitting the port. Rejections start the process from the beginning, resulting in a waste of time (and potentially a very large bill for a 100-number Cat C port) if care is not taken to begin with.

Can I port my number back to a different carrier or my original carrier?

You can port away from Sydney ICT Pty Ltd at no cost. You may need to provide your new carrier with the account number shown on your Sydney ICT Pty Ltd invoice. Please contact your carrier for further information.

Once my number is ported, what happens?

The number will be listed within the DID (Direct In Dials) page of your Sydney ICT Pty Ltd portal. This number will function like any other Sydney ICT Pty Ltd allocated number, and can be used in conjunction with any Sydney ICT Pty Ltd extension, Fax, or Hosted PBX service.

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